“All-in-one” Superfood Smoothie powders was chosen to be the most innovative product in the Stamegna Newtwork: Healt Care –event in Amsterdam. Each of the four different Superfood Smoothies contain a balanced mix of essential dietary components like herbs, fruits and vegetables. Leader`s Superfood Smoothies are providing an unique and healthy concept with great taste to supplement your daily diet with energy and many proactive nutrients.

Leader`s Natural Food product portfolio has been accompanied with the new organic versions of our all-time favorites. Green Mix powder, Raw Cocoa nibs, rice and maca powders as well as coconut oils are now available in organic.

Make your own healthy and delicious raw chocolate creations with this Leader`s raw chocolate preparation kit which has enough ingredients to make around 60 raw chocolates portions.
The ingredients in the raw chocolate preparation kit have not undergone any heat treatment which means that all the ingredients are in their natural stage, remaining the heat sensitive enzymes in their active forms. Raw chocolates prepared according to the instructions are healthy and tasty raw food without any preservatives. Product is free from gluten, lactose, milk and soy.
Raw chocolate kit includes:
* 1 bag of raw cocoa butter
* 1 powder bag (lucuma, raw cocoa, carob powder, blossom nectar, coconut powder, Himalayan rose salt)
* 1 jar of virgin coconut oil
* 1 bottle of agave nectar
* 60 mini baking cases
Happy raw chocolate making!


turkkilaista jugurttia ja makeuttamattomia mansikoita
pellavansiemenrouhetta puolukalla ja vanilja-smoothia blenderiin
ehkä tilkka protskua lisänesteeksi ja avot siinä se on!
Tekijä: Anni Sarjanoja



Kourallinen tuoretta pinaattia
1dl mantelimaitoa
2dl turkkilaista jogurttia
2dl pakastemangoa, 2dl pakastemansikoita
1dl pakastemustikoita, 1 rkl peanut butteria ja tietty 2dl smoothiejauhetta.
Tästä tulee 2 annosta, eli saa tehtyä myös puolisolle tai kaverille aamun pre-puntti-smoothien.

Tekijä: Sandra Falck