What is Superfood?

HarmonySuperfood is a general term used for food with exceptionally high nutrient density. They are powerful sources of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty and amino acids, as well as other nutrients important for the human body. Many of those foods which are now called the Superfoods, were already known thousands of years ago. The therapeutic characteristics of Superfoods are sometimes associated with mysticism and historical stories, but a growing body of modern-day research has also found the evidence to support these stories, and positive effects for human body has been recognized. Superfoods – as opposed to vitamins or supplements – are foods that are naturally full of important nutrients, in a form that nature intended. Unlike dietary supplements, or vitamins taken in isolation, superfoods provide many nutrients that support each other and prevent the kind of imbalances that often occur when vitamins are taken singly.

Leader Natural Foods Superfoods

Leader Natural Foods brand contains innovative and high-quality Superfoods and Superfood Smoothie powders made from the pure and natural ingredients. Try out our Organic Green Mix powders to support your body’s metabolic processes, or add some C-vitamin rich Goji berries to your morning porridge, or prepare yourself an energizing smoothie from ready-made smoothie powder mixes. Leader Natural Foods product range contains different kinds of natural powders, mixes and tabRelaxinglets made from the nature’s best plants, Goji berries, Raw Cocoa nibs, different plant-based proteins as well as Superfood Smoothie concept developed together with energetic TV-chef and food writer Sara La Fountain. With this unique product range, Leader is offering a natural and high-quality alternative to balance your daily diet; a comprehensive health food product portfolio to support total health and well-being! Healthy choices for your daily life

Healthy living is a result of daily choices, reaping rewards both in short and longAphrodite term.
Same goes with healthy eating; small daily choices can make a big difference in the end. At Leader, we want to empower people to always make positive choices for their everyday healthy lives by providing convenient and nutritious products that people actually want to eat. We think, that striking a balance between good taste and good health should be easy, and that people need to be able to trust in what they eat. We recognize that what is best for one person may not be best for another and that is why we want to offer options for different tastes and preferences. Leader Natural Foods product range can be consumed in various ways, and with this recipe booklet you can have ideas and learn how to create a tasty, varied, and healthy smoothies which are as good for your mind as they are for your body –

Try, learn and enjoy the world of Superfoods! Superfood berries, powders, seeds and tablets



Natural Sports

The product range is designed for individuals who wish to enjoy a healthier body, value natural food and pure ingredients, and prefer not to use animal proteins. Natural Sport product line offers three different products; a booster to give extra energy for the day or before training, a protein mix for build and restore muscle tissue and recovery mix for recovery. All Natural Sport products are natural; products does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. The Natural Sport products are also free from lactose, gluten, soy and milk.

Superfood smoothie powders

“All-in-one” Superfood Smoothies are made from the pure and natural ingredients and packed in portion bags, which make them easy to carry along, prepare at work or leisure activities, or while travelling. Each of the different Superfood Smoothies contain a balanced mix of essential dietary components like herbs, fruits and vegetables. Leader`s Superfood Smoothies are providing an unique and healthy concept with great taste to supplement your daily diet with energy and many proactive nutrients.